Objectives of Anti Ragging Activities:

Creating ragging free atmosphere in and outside of the campus.

Seniors are expected to maintain self-imposed discipline and restraint. In particular, they must be careful about:
  • Creating cordial relations among students for fulfilling organizational mission and objectives.
  • Creating awareness among students regarding how the self confidence of the individual influences the national interest.

Anti-ragging squads comprising of faculty members, non-teaching staffs and senior students have been formed to make surprise visits to very sensitive location within the campus and outside the campus.

Number of display boards giving detail descriptions of anti ragging activities, Supreme Court directives and penalty liable to be imposed on those involved in such activities have been displayed at various places within the campus.

Social Conduct

Ragging is illegal and punishable in strictest and most exemplary terms as per the ruling of the Supreme Court of India. Each student must show due respect and courtesy to the Institute teachers, administrators, officers, employees, visitors, and residents. They must not infringe upon the rights of fellow students.

In the event of proceeding on unscheduled leave on account of illness, family matter, etc, student must inform the Warden, faculty adviser and the concerned Head of the Department.

The Institute facilities/amenities such as library, internet, playgrounds, hostels, laboratories and classrooms must be used responsibly. Any willful damage and misuse of the facilities/amenities constitutes an act of indiscipline.

In the event of an illegal activity in the campus, the institute is obligated to permit the police and judiciary intervention.

In the event of students' involvement in any activity outside the campus which is punishable by the law of the land, the institute shall in no way provide any support to them and will not be responsible either for any action.

Anti Ragging
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